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Dark Story Gayo Coffee Farmers

104 years ago, the Dutch made Gayo coffee as Product for Future. Now, being the largest contributor to the Local Revenue. But the coffee farmers increasingly squeezed “
BELIEVE it or not, at this time has become an icon Gayo coffee quality coffee tastes best. All coffee addicts in Aceh would not be denied that statement. But I tell you, fame Gayo coffee also have spread to the international community, marked by the entry of Star Buck, coffee producers have been known throughout the world.
Keep in mind, this Gayo coffee, not coffee Gayo Local Government, because until now no single government-owned coffee plantations that are managed professionally and be an example for the people. Nothing at all.
Although there was no attention from the government, does not mean the quality of coffee produced by farmers decreased. Beginning last October, to answer curious about Gayo coffee, at the request of the Star Buck, has conducted a study of Gayo coffee, in some districts in Central Aceh.
Conducted by NGOs Bitra and IFC, for two weeks, the study attempted to answer about the pattern of farming, yield, type of coffee, continuity, and a number of other studies in the form of Coffee Farmers Baseline Survey 2009.
We missed
In addition to Star Buck, there are also many foreign companies come in and took local cooperatives or other local partners to export the Gayo coffee. Most of the exported coffee is labeled “Organic Coffee”
Why Gayo coffee attracted many foreigners? There is mention, the taste of coffee flavor Gayo beyond the Blue Mountain coffee from Brazil. Perhaps, for this reason that the Dutch company that makes a reckless patented name of his country Gayo coffee as its trademark.
With patented by Dutch company Gayo coffee, coffee Gayo can no longer be exported to foreign countries use the mark “Coffee Gayo ‘. Meanwhile, if you do not wear brand “Coffee Gayo”, the selling price will be lower. And Gayo coffee is geographically located along the Gayo Highlands region which covers three districts, Takengon, BenerMeriah and Gayo Lues.
Coffee farmers missed. How can, the coffee they try for years amid Aceh Coffee Association and the retribution that is always free of local government, now it has patents owned by others across the continent.
So what of coffee entrepreneurs, local government, local businessman Association (Aped), or groups that take advantage of the association of coffee but, really not doing anything. Or they are from has lot of other names that seemed to side with coffee farmers.
People missed, entrepreneurs, local government of Aceh and Indonesia should be mourning the “catastrophe” is.
Saky Septiono of Directorate of Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights Trademark Dephum and human rights, had mentioned some time ago, in fact there are still opportunities to get back to the Gayo people of the patent copies. Gayo coffee can not be registered as trademarks of certain companies like the Dutch businessman, because it is a Geographical Indication (GI) in Indonesia. Therefore, the Indonesian government tried to cancel the international registration of marks it with reference to the Relative Trade Aspects of Intellectual Property.
Actually it is not just a Dutch company that wants to have Gayo coffee brand. A number of residents Gayo too much to try to register the brand into Dephumkan RI Gayo coffee as individuals, but not fulfilled. Because the certificate may only be owned by IG Gayo society, not individuals, institutions, companies, or other institutions.
Coffee Gayo Highlands community was like “soul and body”, not integral. If we ask the officials in Aceh Tengah and Bener Meriah, now a lord and trusted “manage” the people’s money through the budget of the District (APBK), totaling hundreds of billions, they all must know coffee.
In fact, it is possible college officials with money derived from any crop of their parents. Like most residents of Central Aceh. Ilang Maman Maman green, pudaha beta, beta besilo.
Gayo proverb that seems to fit with contemporary facts about coffee. In the Dutch colonial era, coffee plantations distant well-managed and professional than they are today. Imagine, the Dutch made the coffee was first produced in 1905 and then planted in the northern part of Lake Laut Tawar in 1908, as a “Product for future”
In 1924 the Dutch and European investors have started making crop land dominated by coffee, tea and vegetables (John R Bowen, Sumatran Politics and Poetics, Gayo History 1900-1989, halaman76).
Then, in 1933, in Takengon, 13,000 hectares of land already planted with coffee, called the Dutch as a commodity “for future product.” Gayo Society, wrote John R Bowen, very quick to accept (adopt) new plants and planted in lands restricted residents. New settlements in that era, especially along the roads cleared for the cultivation of export quality coffee. In 1920 the Dutch began to bring contract workers from Java to Gayo, to become workers in the company dammar (pine mercusi).
If 104 years ago Holland was managing fine coffee could be exported to Europe and used as commodities with the title “Future Products”, Gayo coffee is now entering the darkest period of its history. Just imagine, in the Central Highlands coffee now only be managed by communities themselves. Called by coffee plantations, which have not been managed well and correctly as does the Dutch government in the colonial era.
Zainuddin, people wih Pesam Silih Nara District Takengon. As a farmer Kopo he claimed never even received counseling about how to raise good coffee, but only heard, seen, and direct his own practice in coffee.
As chairman of the farmer groups of foreign companies Indocafco, Zainuddin felt concern government and exporter of coffee to the farmers does not exist. Hetani only be a “cash cow” the government and exporters, but there is no benefit to farmers.
“Level training course for fine coffee farming was never taught. It is said that no extension plantation again, “said Zainuddin. Because the income earned as a coffee farmer is not how he should look for other additional work, such as farm laborers. Now, Zainuddin also a small coffee buyers.
“Before you buy coffee, my child who was forced to quit college because there is no cost,” said Zainuddin.
Most coffee farmers of Central Aceh is very minimal knowledge of coffee cultivation, maintenance, harvesting, post harvest. It is said again to memanagemen seller and the income from selling coffee.
Local Government in particular, Plantation Office no role to promote the coffee farmers. Just take a levy from employers who bring every pound of coffee out of area, and this is currently a mainstay of the largest local revenue.
Suffering is compounded toke, toke both large and small, because often the coffee citizens captured or purchased by diutangkan first toke. After a toke home from Medan to sell his coffee, then coffee farmers are paid money. Payment of coffee could be a month later.
Foreign businessmen who sell mantra “Organic Coffee” in the world market would have its own market and get a fee from the various associations of the world organic. But for farmers who are members of an organic farmer members of the foreign exporter of coffee, it did not get anything, except the name of the farmer groups they sold out the country, that the exporter had a member of the target.
“We did not receive a fee of organic which he paid every six months. There used to be given coffee exporter of agricultural tools, such as the pads dry in the sun and others. But now, not ever again. No benefits of belonging to an organic farmer, but disappointment and empty promises, “said Zainuddin, a head of organic farmers.
Source : kenigayo
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